Ecological Basis of Risk Analysis for Marine Ecosystems

2nd – 4 th June 2014, Porvoo - Finland

Ecological Basis of Risk Analysis for Marine Ecosystems

The symposium will be held 2nd – 4th June 2014 at Taidetehdas, Porvoo (small old city 50 km east from Helsinki, Finland) followed by a three day workshop. The symposium conveners are Professor Sakari Kuikka (Finland), Dr Tony Smith (Australia) and Dr Alexei Orlov (Russian Federation). From Monday to Wednesday, the symposium has plenary with oral presentations and panel discussion combined with poster session. Two combined courses on Bayesian methods are organized, one prior to the Symposium and one right after. The symposium is organized in close collaboration with the EU-FP7 project ECOKNOWS – Improving fisheries assessment methods by integrating new sources of biological knowledge. The keynote speakers include Professor Ray Hilborn (United States), Dr Beth Fulton (Australia), and Professor Samu Mäntyniemi (Finland).


The goal of the symposium is to review, discuss and assess methodological approaches, case studies and outcomes relevant to effective and efficient interdisciplinary marine ecosystems risk analysis, particularly in relation to resource use and risks of overexploitation. By comparing the different scientific fields focusing on marine risks, the symposium aims to explore how science can identify and quantify uncertainty and develop processes that allow better interpretation of uncertain estimates, leading to management that more effectively and efficiently meets objectives. The focus includes risk assessment, risk management and risk communication. We especially aim to learn from other related disciplines and we are interested to hear talks from other areas of risk analysis applications.


  1. Fisheries management under uncertainty
  2. Decision modeling in fisheries management
  3. Probabilistic fish stock assessment
  4. Oil spill and eutrophication risk analysis
  5. Environmental risk assessment for marine areas
  6. Risk analysis in aquaculture


The symposium will support the strategic goals of ICES to evaluate the uncertainties related to sustainability of marine-related industries and production of integrated advice for the need of decision makers. Further, it will support the aim of ICES to enhance co-operation between ICES and other bodies relevant to risk-based management of marine activities and broadens the diversity of scientists participating ICES activities. In providing scientific advice, one of the main task of ICES advisory and scientific activities is to assess risks and incorporate risk analyses in an integrated and scientifically justified way and to successfully communicate these to scientists of other fields, managers and wider audience. This allows identification of potential risks and leads to better opportunities to manage or control these risks. This symposium has specific links to ICES Science Plan Thematic Areas 2 and 3.